Arianna Beretta
Make-Up Artist 

Arianna Beretta is a talented Italian artist who has had a passion for the creative arts since she was young. After her studies in scenography at the NABA – Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, Arianna began her career as a scenographer for prominent Italian theaters such as the Piccolo Teatro di Milano and the Teatro Franco Parenti. It was in this environment that Arianna discovered her passion for artistic make-up, leading her to earn the title of Make Up Artist.

As a versatile make-up artist, Arianna has worked on film sets, commercials, and television with international productions, as well as collaborating with top fashion agencies, working on photo shoots and fashion shows for prestigious brands. Her extensive experience has given her a keen eye for the latest trends and styles, allowing her to innovate make-up artistry.
Arianna is also a dedicated educator, sharing her expertise as a make-up artist at BCM, Beauty Center of Milan, where she updates her techniques and mentors students. As a highly skilled and creative make-up artist in the Italian entertainment and fashion industries, Arianna continues to evolve and excel in her field.

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